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Working Group: Support and Technical Issues


Astrid Kerkweg (JGU Mainz), Deputies: Katherine Osterried, Andreas Dobler

Wiki Homepage Development and Guidelines Homepage Development


Ulrich Blahak (DWD), Jennifer Brauch (DWD), Susanne Brienen (DWD), Ernesto Neto Caetano (UNAM Mexico City), Edouard Davin (ETHZ),  Barbara Früh (DWD), Beate Geyer (HZG), Ha Hagemann (HZG), Astrid Kerkweg (Uni Bonn), Stephanie Legutke (DKRZ), Peter Lenzen (DKRZ), Myriam Montesarchio (CMCC), Katherine Osterried (ETHZ), Hans-Juergen Panitz (KIT), Gregor Panthe (KIT), Daniel Rieger (DWD), Burkhardt Rockel (HZG), Ulrich Schättler (DWD), Gerhard Smiatek (KIT), Silje Soerland (ETHZ), Christian Steger (DWD), Andreas Walter (DWD), Andreas Will (BTU Cottbus), Maja Zuvela-Aloise (ZAMG) 


The complexity of the climate model system COSMO-CLM (CCLM) is increasing more and more. The whole system does not only consist of the climate model CCLM itself, but also of the pre-processor INT2LM, the pre-processor EXTPAR (via WebPEP) and further interfaces.

INT2LM calculates the CCLM appropriate forcing data from large-scale, e.g. global data. EXTPAR provides the time invariant boundary data.The further interfaces are needed to convert data of global models available in different formats in INT2LM-ready netCDF format.

Therefore, the CLM-Community Working Group (WG) SUPTECH has taken the following Community tasks

  • User training,
  • User Support,
  • Survey of documentation of code modifications, and
  • Maintaining CLM-Community specific needs in the "COSMO Standards for code development".

Responsibilities within the WG are distributed as follows:

  • Maintenance Homepage: Beate Geyer, Burkhardt Rockel
  • Survey of scientific documentation of major changes of CCLM: Andreas Will
  • CCLM code maintenance: Hans-Jürgen Panitz
  • INT2LM code maintenance: Burkhardt Rockel
  • EXTPAR (EXTernal PARameters): Katherine Osterried (source code), Burkhardt Rockel (web interface "WebPEP" (Web frontend for Processing of External Parameters))
  • PPP (Pre-Pre-Processing scripts and programs): Andreas Dobler, Hans-Jürgen Panitz
  • Preparation of user training and training material: Burkhardt Rockel, Susanne Brienen,  Kristina Trusilova, Merja Tölle

Users looking for help are asked to try to find support on the CLM-Homepage first. The WG SUPTECH has established a SUPPORT page.

Become a group member

If you like to become a group member join the mailing list clm_suptech and sent an email to the group coordinator. 

WG Meetings

DateMeeting and LocationDocuments


Versionsabgleich des CLM/LM in Potsdam



State and Prospects of the development of a LM/CLM preprocessor in Offenbach

2010/03COSMO/CLM Seminar 2010 in Langen

Icon PDF Minutes  [18 kb] 

Icon PDF Minutes_WG_Preproc [5.3 kb]

2010/09 CLM-Community Assembly 2010 in Berlin



2011/03COSMO/CLM Seminar 2011 in Langen

Icon PDF Minutes [16.5 kb]

2011/09CLM-Community Assembly 2011 in Cava de' Tirreni

Icon PDF Minutes [80 kb]

2012/03COSMO/CLM Seminar 2012 in Offenbach

Icon PDF Minutes [34.9 kb]

2012/05CLM-Community Technical Advisory Group web meetings

Icon PDF Minutes [825 kb]

2012/09CLM-Community Assembly 2012 in Leuven

Icon PDF Minutes [19.4 kb]

2013/08CLM-Community Assembly 2013 in Zürich

Icon PDF Minutes [37.7 kb]

2014/03COSMO/CLM Seminar 2014 in Offenbach

Icon PDF Minutes [96 kb]

2014/09CLM-Community Assembly 2014 in Frankfurt

Icon PDF Minutes [68 kb]

2015/03COSMO/CLM Seminar 2015 in Offenbach

Icon PDF Minutes [53kb]

2015/09CLM-Community Assembly 2015 in Luxembourg

Icon PDF Minutes [68kb]

2016/03COSMO/CLM/ART User Seminar 2016 in Offenbach

Icon PDF Minutes [80 kb]

2016/09CLM-Community Assembly 2016 in Lüneburg

Icon PDF Minutes [52 kb]


ICCARUS 2017 in Offenbach


CLM-Community Assembly 2017 in Graz

Icon PDF Minutes [56 kB]


ICCARUS 2018 in Offenbach


CLM-Community Assembly 2018 in Karlsruhe

Icon PDF Minutes [56kB]


ICCARUS 2019 in Offenbach

Icon PDF Minutes [52kB]



DateMeeting and LocationDocuments


Meeting on external parameters 2012 Offenbach                                              

Icon PDF   Minutes [100 kb]



Icon PDF Annual Report 2011 [33,8 kb]

Icon PDF Annual Report 2012 [69,2 kb]

Icon PDF Annual Report 2013 [94,5 kb]

Icon PDF Annual Report 2014 [328 kB]

Icon PDF Annual Report 2015 [124 kB]

Icon PDF Annual Report 2016 [112 kB]

Since 2017 all Annual-Report-Information is given in the assembly minutes.

Technical Test Suite

The technical test suite is in development and test phase. It will be made available later. Please contact Burkhardt Rockel (HZ Geesthacht) in the case you want to apply it already now.

Status of CLM-Community model versions is:

  • development version: version which passed technical tests and contains new model developments and corrections. It is shared with the model developers for further meteorological tests and acceptance of the implementation by the developers
  • test version: version accepted by the developers, which passed the development specific tests. It is delivered to those evaluating new model version.
  • released version: positively evaluated test version.

Former CLM-Community Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

The Technical Advisory Group was closed by decision on March 11, 2016 at COSMO User Seminar.


  • 2011, November 9th, Meeting of the CLM-Community Technical Advisory Group in Offenbach (invitation and minutes)
  • 2012, April, 18th, 26th and May 9th, CLM-Community Technical Advisory Group web-meetings (minutes)
  • 2012, September, 5th, CLM-Community Technical Advisory Group web-meeting, Redmine (minutes)

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