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Working Group: Climate Projections


Hendrik Feldmann


The WG coordinates the common efforts of the community on climate projections. The WG feels responsibily to held the contact to other communities doing climate projections and functions as the contact in case of multi model ensemble studies.

Additionally the communication with the users of the outcome of the community, especially the impact modellers will be intensified.

Domain Information

Region 1: South America

Region 2: Central America

Region 3: North America

Region 4: Europe

Region 5: Africa

Region 6: West Asia

Region 7: East Asia

Region 8: Central Asia

Region 9: Australasia

Region 10: Antarctica

Region 11: Arctic

Region 12: Mediterranean


This section contains documents related to the official CORDEX protocol (domains, archive design, etc.)



Project Group Meetings

Meeting Langen 2010


Bodo Ahrens (G.-Uni. Frankfurt), Susanne Brienen (DWD, Offenbach), Edouard Davin (ETH Zurich), Andreas Dobler (Norwegian Meteorological Institute), Alessandro Dosio (JRC, Ispra), Babara Früh (DWD, Offenbach), Klaus Keuler (BTU Cottbus), Stephanie Legutke (DKRZ, Hamburg), Hans-Jürgen Panitz (KIT, Karlsruhe), Joaquim Pinto (Univ. Cologne), Burkhardt Rockel (HZ Geesthacht), Abdoulaye Sarr (ANAMS Senegal), Gerd Schaedler (KIT, Karlsruhe), Juerg Schmidli (ETH Zurich), Uwe Ulbrich (FU Berlin), Andreas Will (BTU Cottbus)