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Klaus Keuler, Christian Steger

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Active Members

Susanne Brienen, Beate Geyer, Astrid Kerkweg, Klaus Keuler, Ingo Kirchner, Hilke Lensing, Patrick Ludwig, Mariano Mertens, Daniel Rieger, Burkhardt Rockel, Christian Steger, Trang Van Pham

If you plan a development for ICON-CLM or want to become a developer, you can find further information in RedC.


The joint development by DWD and MPI-M of the new nonhydrostatic weather and climate modelling framework ICON has made considerable progress in recent years. At DWD ICON (13 km grid spacing, 90 layers) has already replaced the former global NWP model GME (20 km grid spacing, 60 layers) for the operational weather forecast. The higher resolution European nest (6.5 km grid spacing) in ICON is also already operational and has replaced the regional model COSMO-EU (7km grid spacing, 40 layers). The ICON software and documentation is available to the scientific community (license agreement necessary). In the next years, COSMO will still be used in very high-resolution regional applications (COSMO-DE, COSMO-DE-EPS), but until 2021 the whole COSMO system is planned to be replaced entirely by the ICON modelling framework in cooperation with the COSMO Consortium and KIT (for the ART application). It is important for the CLM-Community to be prepared for a migration to the ICON modelling framework.

The aim of the project group is to prepare the ICON modelling framework for regional climate modelling applications. The main objectives are:

  • inform the community about the timelines and progress of the ICON development
  • prepare a working plan (plan of action) including an overview of the work packages necessary for using the ICON modelling framework in the context of regional climate studies and to organize its implementation,
  • design and conduct test suites of the new regional mode of the ICON model in comparison to COSMO-CLM model results,
  • and to present the results to the CLM-Community.

Meetings / Events

DateMeeting and LocationDocuments


PG-ICON meeting at ICCARUS 2021

                                     with additional presentations by

2020/09/14PG-ICON meeting at CLM-Assembly 2020, Berlin (online)
2020/07/16PG-ICON online-discussion on current status and problems
2020/03ICON-CLM Status Report at ICCARUS 2020
2019/09/19PG-ICON meeting at CLM-Assembly 2019, Paestum
2019/03/21Joined PG ICON - WG EVAL meeting at ICCARUS 2019
2019/03/21PG-ICON meeting at ICCARUS 2019
2018/09/20PG-ICON meeting at CLM-Assembly 2018, Karlsruhe
2018/03/01PG-ICON meeting at ICCARUS 2018
2017/09/21PG-ICON meeting at CLM-Assembly 2017, Graz
2017/03/09PG-ICON meeting at COSMO-CLM user seminar, DWD Offenbach
2016/09/21PG-ICON meeting at CLM-Assembly 2016, L√ľneburg
2016/03/10PG-ICON meeting at COSMO-CLM user seminar, DWD Offenbach
2014/09/03PG-ICON meeting at CLM-Assembly 2014, Frankfurt
2014/07/09ICON training course 2014,07.-09.07., BTZ Langen
2013/12/12ICON all staff meeting, DWD Offenbach
2013/10/15PG-ICON Web-conference (PG-strategy)

Further Material

Further information can be found on th PG's RedC Page.

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