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Communication in the CLM-Community

The communication in the community is organized using mailing lists, meetings, web-conferences (documentation ) and forum. Furthermore, there are several webpages with additional information and tools available for community members.


Mailing lists

Each WG and PG has a mailing list. Each community member can join and leave working and project groups via the management tool. Member lists of the working/project groups are automatically synchronized with the mailing lists. 

Coordination Group and Scientific Advisory Board


Name of the group

Mailing List Name & achive link
Coordinator / Chair
1CLM-Community Scientific Advisory BoardNicole van Lipzig
2CLM-Community Coordination groupChristian Steger

Working Groups

# Name of the group Mailing List Name & achive linkCoordinator

Chemistry, Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation

Mariano Mertens
2Soil and VegetationMerja Tölle
3Convection resolving climate simulations

Ronny Petrik


Emmanuele Russo and Hendrik Feldmann

5Support and Technical IssuesAstrid Kerkweg
6Atmosphere, Ice and OceanHa Hagemann
7Climate ProjectionsHendrik Feldmann

Project Groups

#Name of the groupMailing List NameCoordinator Status

Klaus Keuler and

Christian Steger